Saturday, May 17, 2008

Missing From Blogland

Well, look what tax season and prepping for the LSAT has done to my blog - a month without any new posts.


The stupid LSAT, which I took and scored fine on a few years ago, is only good for four or five years, so, as a formality, the school is making me retake it. It's around $125. Oh, and if you have to register late (because you're an especially forgetful person or something - ahem!) - "late registration" during the final month before the test is ANOTHER $67, bringing the total to nearly $200.


What a racket they have, huh?

Still planning to write about V-Day. I can't believe it's been a month already! The older I get, the faster time moves, I swear!


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you were! Glad you're okay. Debs xx

Leigh C. said...

It happens, madame. Do whatcha gotta do. The blogpocheh ain't going nowhere.

Really, we aren't.