Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Historic Moment

I wrote this last night and have yet to recover from the Obama-tinis - guess I lied when I wrote last night that "tomorrow we get to work." More later.

It's done.

We have a nominee.

Major, major happy dance at our Obama house party, including cantaloupe martinis.

I knocked on lots of doors in hurricane ravaged parts of New Orleans for him. I drove to Texas and knocked on more. Then I drove to Mississippi annd walked mile after hot mile, knocking on doors and getting out the vote there too.

More on this historic moment later.

But for now, major, major happy dance.......

Congratulations to fellow Obama supporters and to the Obama family. Eight years ago, Obama was a delegate to the national convention, but found that his Visa card was denied when he tried to get a cheap hotel room. A mere eight years ago, he and Michelle were as deep in student loan debt as I am. Now, he's used the earnings from his two books to pay off the student loans and - with a name most of us could hardly pronounce at first - risen from utter obscurity to defeat a former first lady with 100% name recognition and the entire Clinton party establishment.

Enjoy tonight, Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, all of the Obama and Robinson clans, and fellow volunteers.

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Tonight we celebrate.

Tomorrow we get to work again - to put an end to Bush-era crony capitalism, Tom DeLay and K Street influence peddling, and "heckuva job, Brownie" incompetence; to try to get affordable health care like other industrialized countries have (the planning for which Obama vows to have broadcast on C-Span for citizen input); to have a foreign policy in which we are not afraid to meet with foe as well as friend; to finally address gas prices, global climate change, mortgage foreclosures, the weak buying power of the dollar, and a relentless squeeze on middle class people; and, finally, finally to end this unnecessary war that has cost us so much in blood (over four thousand American loved ones and tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqi) and in treasure (as of this moment $525 billion - LOUISIANA'S PORTION, $1 billion for 2007 alone, could have bought health care for 312,527 people for one year, 30,277 public safety officers for one year, 21,217 music and art teachers for one year, 235,464 university scholarships for one year, 12,587 affordable housing units, 813,135 children covered by health insurance for one year, 21,379 elementary school teachers for one year, or 17,869 port container inspections for one year - and, again, that's FOR LOUISIANA'S PORTION ALONE).



secondwaver said...

Hi, Just checkin in--hope you're coming back?

NOLA radfem said...

Hey, thanks, yes, I am coming back.

It's been crazy with trying to get back into school and then my mom coming into town for several weeks (she's a teacher and she moved away because of Hurricane Katrina).

I am kicking around in my head some things for a blog on racism and my (supposedly liberal) mother. I need to sit down and write about this - it's driving me crazy!

Hope you're well and that your daughter is too!