Saturday, December 5, 2009

Young Man Asks Obama re Legalizing Prostitution

I imagine he doesn't know that women who end up working as prostitutes were usually molested as children, often through incest. I guess he doesn't know how often battering is done by the charming Richard Gere-esque johns (sarcasm). I guess he doesn't know about the damage done to a woman's body, not to mention her spirit and her heart.

The young man included prostitution on his list of "victimless crimes." Well, I think it's time to give R. Mott her say; I don't think her stuff can really be linked to too often - do you?

from the blog of R. Mott

video: Not For Sale

and from me to R., because she came into the world already complete and beautiful (which is what a rose traditionally symbolizes):


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for linking to my poetical post. I am very proud of that piece, for it took loads of courage to face that hell head-on.

It was hard to hear that young man and his smug attitude to prostitution. I am so sick of men thinking that prostitution is funny and harm-free.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say thanks so much for the red rose, it is so beautiful.
I live in Lancashire, which is the red rose county in England, so that is a coincidence.
Thanks so much for such a moving photo.