Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Fuzzy Math of Racism and Sexism in Recruiting

What does putting the focus on recruiting minorities - into a firefighting service that is over 95% white male - add up to in the minds of the dominant majority? Discrimination!!! That's right. White males are already 95% of this profession, yet taking the focus off of them, just for a couple of days, is "discrimination."

Got that?

Let's do the math.

training session 1 - ethnic minorities only +
training session 2 - women only +
training sessions 3 and 4 - women and ethnic minorities +
training session 5: everyone, including white males
= total new recruits -
already existing total force of over 95% white and male

Note this was not even an example of affirmation action (which apparently is called "positive discrimination" in England). Nope, this strictly had to do with who attended the recruiting drives. Once the sessions were over, there were no promises made about who would get hired.


Hysteria ensues. Cries of "discrimination" reverberate through the chambers of the British Parliament.

And one writer offers the following in a letter to the Daily Mail:
As I watch my blond, curly haired, toddler grandson I feel sad that his genes, and mine, will dissapear but it is inevitable unless we take a stand and demand England for our own.
Yep. A couple of days of targeted minority recruitment = the end of the Aryan race.

Fuzzy math indeed.

via "The F-Word"


droudy said...

I wonder if Grandma understands the dangers of in-breeding.

NOLA radfem said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh! Amen!