Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olbermann Rocks, Part 387

Commenting on the Edwards affair (pun intended), Rush Limbaugh suggested that perhaps John couldn't keep his pants zipped because his wife is just too bossy.

Then, he said, "Maybe Edwards was attracted to the other woman because she knew how to use her mouth to do something other than talk."

In response, Keith Olbermann calls him a "hole" and does a whole rant about Limbaugh being afraid of "intelligent women."

The "yes-yes-yes, hell-yes" stuff begins at minute three:

I heart you, Keith.

You're the only real truthteller on the networks.


Charlotte aka TM said...

I couldn't agree more!
This is what I tweeted last night:

I luv how Olberman blasted fat-assed Rush 2night. Huzzah!

You're the only blogger I've seen that commented on his most excellent commentary.

lost clown said...

That's pretty great, for once.

One non-sexist comment vs. his never-ending outpouring of misogyny during the primary keeps him squarely in my "want to meet alone in a dark alley" category.