Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Note About Biden

So many feminist bloggers have done a great job digging up details on Biden's mixed record. Thank you so much.

After I voted for Ralph Nader for president, I came to the ugly realization that no one whose political views really match my own has any chance whatsoever of even being elected dog-catcher.

I am too unlike the majority of Americans to ever see most of my views represented by any mainstream candidates.

And so, ever since my Nader years, I have sold out. For now.

I blog with enthusiasm about Obama and Biden not because I don't know or care about how disappointing they are to radical feminists and far leftists, myself included, but because, honestly, they are our next best hope.

Nader won't get elected. No one like him will. McKinney won't get elected.

I WANT A TICKET THAT CAN WIN - a ticket that is NOT four more years of Bush.

I have carefully reviewed a list of positions held by Obama, Biden, and McCain and I have concluded that Obama/Biden is at least 70% better than McCain overall.

I can't take another four years of conservative rule, where 100% of what they do keeps me so upset that sometimes I can't even get to sleep because I'm so frustrated and mad.

Yep, I learned that voting for Nader did nothing. At this point in my life, it's Obama/Biden all the way. Seventy percent good is WAY better than ZERO percent.

Thanks again to the bloggers who have written about this in so much detail. Great work!

P.S. I notice that PennyRed writing from England has also written recently about Labour being too conservative now and wondering where real liberals and radicals can now go on election day.


Foxessa said...

Not on topic, but my thoughts and concerns are with you this week, as with everyone in New Orleans and the Gulf.

Love, C.

Foxessa said...

My thoughts and concern are with this this week, as they are with everyone in New Orleans and on the Gulf.

Love, C.

K. said...

I'm with you. Joe B. is not my favorite Dem, but he's the most help to Obama. Hey, if you want to know how anti-feminist a veep candidate can be, look no further than Sarah Palin. Were I a woman, I'd be insulted by that choice.

secondwaver said...

Hey, Ceejay, hoping you & yours are in good shape. I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting to hear something from you. Take care, sw

K. said...

Hey! Is everything o.k. in your neck of the woods? You are greatly missed!