Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dear Bill and Hillary

This - "Dear Bill and Hillary" - was written by Andrea Dworkin during the Clinton impeachment era. At the time, I was a defender of Bill Clinton. I was wrong. I'm sick of that guy.

This - "Are you Listening Hillary? President Rape is Who He Is" - came later.

Why So Many Feminists Are Deciding to Vote for Barack Obama

War Opponents Dispute Clinton Account of Levin Amendment

L.A. Times: Obama is a Poem

MoveOn Endorses Obama

Union That Endorsed Edwards Switches to Obama

Experts in Awe Over Obama Cash Flow

The one-month total for Mr. Obama, of Illinois, also shows the growing power of the Internet as a fund-raising tool. Veteran fund-raisers said it would have been impossible for the campaign to raise that sum by relying solely on well-heeled donors and “bundlers,” donors who tap networks of acquaintances for support.

“When you get $32 million in one month, it is not because you have bundlers working,” said Orin Kramer, a New York financier and Obama fund-raiser. “It is because you have an avalanche of small donors operating online. It’s a revolution. People like me don’t achieve those kinds of numbers.”

Why This Edwards Voter is Backing Obama

Type in your zip code and see who has donated to which candidate. Apparently I live in Romney country! Ewww!

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