Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shakes on the Obama Cowboy Hat Photo

Wolfrum at Shakesville compares cowboy costumes on politicians

to politicians dressed as Somali elders

and reminds us what dressing like the enemy really looks like:

Says Wolfrum, of the Obama-with-cowboy-hat photo:

When I first saw the photo, I couldn't believe it. I thought it had to be photoshopped, a hoax. After all, how could Barack Obama betray America so offensively? How could he insult the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I'm shaken to the core. Without question, Obama's patriotism must be called into question for appearing dressed like an enemy of the American people.

Brilliant, Wolfrum. Brilliant.

This reminds me of Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss"

What is with Bush wearing the cowboy hat and the cowboy boots and the cowboy belt? Memo! Um, there are no more cowboys, which means you're wearing a costume. OK? You might as well be dressed as Sherlock Holmes or a pirate.

As for Obama, like I said over at Shakes' place, I think politicians are pretty much required to do local pandering when they campaign. Here in south Louisiana, visiting politicians all visit Leah Chase

and get their pictures taken eating her gumbo (Owner Leah Chase patted Obama on his stomach and told him, "Get a little gumbo right quick. You’re too frail baby. We gotta fatten you up a bit.” Times Picayune)

It's all about kissing the civic ring.

not that Leah Chase doesn't deserve it though!

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