Thursday, February 14, 2008

Telecomm Immunity Roll of Shame

Democrats who voted to give telecomm companies immunization against lawsuits for having violated people's civil rights:

Bayh, Inouye, Johnson, Landrieu, McCaskill, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Stabenow, Feinstein, Kohl, Pryor, Rockefeller, Salazar, Carper, Mikulski, Conrad, Webb, and Lincoln

Disgusting. more at Salon

The Republicans march in lock-step, as usual, voting 0 to 49, while the Democrats split 31 to 18. Thanks, Mary frickin' Landrieu. You can always be counted on to line up with the other side. Will fellow Louisianians please once again remind me how lucky we are to have a Democrat in the Senate at all???

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