Monday, February 18, 2008

Nagin "First Vagina-Friendly Mayor"

Mommy, I don't feel so good. I'm scared.

Meanwhile, the NBA brings in more people to finally get it, like Henry Abbott, who interviews player and Baton Rouge native Tyrus Thomas:

This is my first time in Louisiana, and I finally get how different it is from other parts of the United States. The people, the food, the music -- everything here is so rich.

I got off the plane yesterday, and it just felt so good to be home. I LOVE it. I don't think you can find a better place, honestly. These people are just so friendly. The crime rate is high, and the economy is not great, but the people are so good.

Seeing how people interact here, I bet Chicago can seem awfully cold.

I get a little frustrated sometimes. Here, if you speak to someone, and they don't speak back to you, it's almost like disrespect. Sometimes when I talk to strangers in other places they look at me like I'm doing something strange. That's hard to comprehend, the way I was raised.

h/t Ashley

And, finally, "suspect device" explains to a north Louisiana Repuke legislator that immorality is not electing "Barack Hussein Obama," nor is it electing "the wife of Monica's ex-boyfriend," but it is, rather, the war in Iraq, Gitmo, the failed Katrina response, spying, signing statements, and the assault on civil liberties. But "suspect device" says it way better!

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