Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rapist Shows up Wearing Canival Mask

A woman put an ad on Craig's List to sell a baby stroller and ended up corresponding with a man online. He got her phone number (somehow), called to say that he was in crisis and asked if he could stay with her (he lived on St. Claude in New Orleans; she lived about 70 miles away in Covington).

He showed up in his Mardi Gras costume (so she couldn't see his face?) and forced her to use nitrous oxide and smoke marijuana with him. She escaped and got outside to use her cell phone to call police.

Here are the items the man had with him when police arrived:
When officers arrived, they found Goldstein in the residence wearing only trousers and bodypaint and with a bag full of whips, chains, a sex toy and handcuffs, West said. The officers also discovered a canister the victim said contained nitrous
oxide. She told police that they had smoked all of Goldstein's marijuana, West said.
West said the officer on the scene told him, "I opened the door and this Oompa-Loompa is standing there," referring to the brightly-colored characters from "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." While searching the mans car, they discovered its trunk was packed with hay and contained two hula hoops and another whip, West said. more
(Yes, the original article from "Da Paper" really did say "searching the mans car." I've given up writing to them demanding that they find a decent editor. Last time I got a snippy reply.)

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