Sunday, February 24, 2008

You Feminists Have no Sense of Humor!

These ads were proposed, then rejected by the company. Still, the ad agency thought this (at feministing) was a reasonable way to sell support bras - so that bouncing breasts don't leave women with black eyes and cut lips, which they were willing to depict. Oh, ha-ha-ha!

I know feminists council each other against giving out "cookies" to those who manage to do the right thing (meaning, recognize women as human beings deserving of respect and safety), but, you know, kudos to the company for being disgusted. A lot of disgusting, sexist ads do get published, so at least this company chose not to do so.

And something else that disgusts me and about which I'm sure I'm supposed to just lighten up is this video game in which women punch each women in the vagina (via feministing).

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